Ania Szydlowski, Editor

Caught up in the stress of Whitney Young? Interested in mental health advocacy? Enjoy writing about mental health in our society? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then NAMI Care Club is for you!

NAMI Care Club is a mental health club centered around four initiatives: de-stressing, social media, advocacy, and blogging. Public Relations Director of the club, Naomi Wu ‘20 says, “Being students at one of the highest performing schools in the city is overwhelming. NAMI Care Club is important because it provides a safe, creative, and supportive environment for those who need it most.” The meetings are organized once a month, each containing a de-stressing activity as the theme.

Even though many people want to help bring awareness to mental illnesses, they are not aware of clubs like this one that allows opportunities for discussion in a relaxed setting. Alondra Lozano ‘20 notes, “I think it’s important to talk about the mental illness because often times families keep their mental health history private and do not acknowledge a line of depression or anxiety that exists. I really enjoy talking about my own personal battles and hope that others see that openness as an opportunity to relate and not feel alone.” With all of the initiatives our NAMI Care Club takes, from advocating to end the stigma to writing about important issues related to mental health, you will not be disappointed with the outcome of going to a meeting.

Discussing issues such as mental illness has positive effects on people. Isa Sanchez ‘20 states, “There’s a story I read about someone driving and the car in front of them had a sign that said ‘Learning to drive a stick shift. Thank you for understanding’ and it made them think to themselves, would have been patient if I hadn’t seen the sign? Would I have been kind? Or would I have gotten frustrated? and that’s the thing. you never know what is going on in someone’s life. you never know what people are going through behind closed doors. so be kind to everyone. Care for others. Smile at everyone. Hug more. Check up on your friends, especially the ones who laugh the most! We normalize struggle so much that we often assume our friends are alright. We don’t hold signs, so look for the signs in your friends.”

For more information on NAMI Care Club and spreading awareness about mental illnesses, check out their Instagram and blog!