Gender Equality

Gabriel Regalado, Writer, Editor

Many women around the whole share little rights compared to what men do. Gender equality is a problem now as much as it was a problem 2000 years ago. the National Women’s Law Center has found that a woman will earn $418,800 less than the average man over a four-decade career; that deficit jumps to close to $1 million for African American women and even higher for Latinas. Women in the United States earn on around 79 cents for every dollar that men earn but this gap is much worse for women of color. Overcoming this is critical for retaining women in the workplace.

WY students reco recognize the problem and  appreciate the women in their lives.Karina Santiago ‘19 said,” Women are the best. I can ask and talk to my mom about anything.” Sometimes I can’t blame her. My mom tries to accomodate me as much as she can, I have not found any dad that can put as much effort and love as a mom can. Micai Humphries ‘21, when asked if he likes his mom or dad more said,” Bro, is this even a question, momma love all day, everyday.” Even if women make less money than men, their work is always appreciated to their attention to detail and passion things are done with. Jack Goff ‘22 said,” Even if my mom is mad at me, she still cooks for me when I come home from practice. I love her.  End with your own line, not a quote from someone else.” We all love our moms, so show her how much she means to you.