Satire Article

Gabriel Regalado, Writer, Editor

Yes. You’re really late to first so you decide to not go. Oh how lovely. Steven McCarthy said when asked if he supports the new attendance policy,” I absolutely love getting half a day absence when I miss one period.”  According to the attendance policy you skipped half a day. But if you really wanted to skip, you would not go the other periods either. So you might as well skip, causing a lower rate of attendance that administration complains about on the weekly basis. Sometimes students just need a break too. Good job administration. David Bradford 19’ said,” Everytime I miss a period I look at my email to see if Overom sent me something about my attendance.”  I guess we can’t have a mental breakdowns, feel ill, or leave for other reasonable cause without administration think were cutting. I also find it very reasonable to punish students for not being able to attend senior activities due to attendance. If the grades are there, some students just miss more than others and they should not be punished if they are still eligible to graduate. We already did four years of harsh train rides, bus rides, walking, and ubering to school. We are still teenagers, i’m not saying to let us have fun and be reckless, but administration also has to consider that after this period in our lives, they won’t have to deal with us again. Senior students are bound to miss more school than the rest of the years, so why punish them hardest. Eric Kelner 21’ said,” why do you even miss school when you can just play games in the lab in you feel ill or want to skip.”