No More Off Campus Lunch


Kyla Jones, Writer


Dr. Joyce Kenner is disheartened to announce that the school has decided to end the off campus lunch privileges. Principal Joyce D. Kenner says, “students repeatedly fail to follow the rules we have set in place to ensure a safe environment within our school.” These rules include not opening side doors, not being late to class, not creating car accidents, and not getting hit by cars..etc.


Understandably, it is hard to regulate the constant in and out of students during the five lunch periods. The school has also  been struggling with checking the bags of all students who leave and re-enter the school. Tyrone Slaughter, a security guard at the school, says, “I tried to tell the students if they kept breaking these rules that one day they would regret it.” The simple solution to this issue, according to the administration, was  was to eliminate off campus lunch. School staff are requiring students to stop being lazy and make their own lunches so these problems will vanish. Students who do not have the time to make a lunch, are encouraged to either tell their parents to provide them with lunch instead of money or the student can pack the lunch the night before instead of getting on social media. The school will also be selling vegetable only lunches in the lunchroom to help those who struggle with the simple task of packing something from home.