Kevin Waller Takes His Talents to the Peace Corps


Whitney Young’s beloved Kevin Waller has decided to file his resignation claiming he’s found his new calling, the Peace Corps. After accumulating thousands of the dollars through his Wise Guys Coffee Shop, Mr.Waller has finally decided to pack his bags up and give back to the community. Some Whitney Young students saw him moving the tiles under his desk, unearthing piles of cash that’s been stashed for safe keeping. Baudrey Howaniec ‘19 says “I always knew Mr. Waller was a nice guy, but there always seemed to be something fishy going on with him,” while Sophia Fung ‘19 who has always looked up to Mr. Waller says, “I’ve always wondered where he put the coffee shop money, at least he’s putting it to good use.” He’s now bound for Albania where he’s going to be working in a village in a mission to bring electricity and clean water for starving children. A little girl ‘34 who’s caught wind of Mr. Waller’s existence wanted us to end this piece with her comment on him, “I don’t know him, but my mom tells me he’s a superhero and he will save the world!”