Knowing the Signs

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High school is a time of self discovery and growth. One of the many things students experience is school is love. However, not every relationship is perfect. The average student has to juggle so much such as, homework, sports, friends, and family. Adding a relationship on top of it all can add unnecessary stress, if the relationship is toxic this can only lead to even more stress. It’s important for teenagers to know the signs.

  1. Control. Modern technology has grown so rapidly that we are able to broadcast our thoughts to millions of people in just a second. Modern technology also allows teenagers to be more susceptible to online harassment. If your partner is using social media to control you, then your relationship has become unhealthy. If they are breaking your trust by posting inappropriate pictures, the relationship is toxic. If they are monitoring or limiting who you can communicate with through social media, the relationship is unhealthy. Marlem Olivar ‘19 says, “If your partner isn’t respecting the fact that you don’t want some picture online, then they don’t respect you and you should get out of that relationship. Fast.”
  2. Spamming. As previously stated, modern technology has given us access to more communication options than ever before. If your partner is messaging you at all hours, sending multiple text at minute this may be a warning sign. While this may seem “cute” or “sweet” at first, it can quickly escalate. Obsessive texting can indicate that your partner is not trusting of you and does not respect your boundaries. Ines Garcia ‘19, “There are limits to everything, even texting.”
  3. Hostility. If your partner acts aggressive and makes you feel uneasy or angry this is a clear sign that the relationship is no longer safe. Hostility can lead to arguments or worse abuse. Alancia King ‘19 ,“If your ever feel unsafe around someone, leave and get help.”

Relationships can be tricky, but it’s always important to know the signs.

Sandy,  End with a short paragraph that reviews what you have just said in 1-3.  You will see that it “bookends” your thinking.

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