Firing Up For Bernie Sanders!!!

Photo Credited to Bernie Sander's Twitter Page

Photo Credited to Bernie Sander's Twitter Page

Kevin Garcia-Flores

The year seems to have barely started, and already candidates for the upcoming 2020 election have started their campaigns. Among the candidates, we have renowned senator, Bernard Sanders, running for the Democratic Party. Although his return wasn’t very public, or made to be a big deal, he’s managed to garner the attention of young voters.

Recently, on March 4th, Bernie Sanders held multiple campaign rallies across the United States. He held rallies in Brooklyn, New York, and in Chicago, right at Navy Pier. Before this, we hadn’t seen or heard much from the man, especially since he lost the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Still, he’s come back, seemingly out of nowhere.

The man promotes not only the Democratic party but the democratic process, predominantly among younger voters. Here at Whitney Young we have upperclassmen who will be able to vote this upcoming presidential election, so what do they think of Bernie’s Return? We asked the people of Whitney Young to respond both as Dolphins and Chicagoans, let’s see what they have to say.

“I think it’s great that he’s come back to run for President. I’m looking forward to voting for him, I truly believe he can win!” exclaimed Salvador Madera, ‘19.  Others agree.

“Honestly, it’s good to see an honest representative for the Democratic Party. I didn’t enjoy having to hear about the email scandal last year, so I hope this year goes a lot better. I’m looking forward to doing my part, I’ll certainly make sure to go out and vote,” said Luis Macedo, ‘19.

Still others see value in Sanders, but do not think he can win. David Wang, ‘19, said, “He’s probably the best candidate to run against Trump, but I have my doubts. Of course, I think he’ll win Illinois’ electoral college votes, but I don’t think he’ll stump the Trump.”

Obviously, our Whitney Young Dolphins have different viewpoints regarding Bernie’s return, but they do leave us thinking it’s important to go out and vote. When you go out and vote, you have the opportunity to have your voice heard, that’s what democracy is all about.