Is Black Friday Dead?


Jada Sardin

Black Friday is right after Thanksgiving and is a celebrated national holiday. Americans wake up early in the morning to line up at stores for mediocre deals. With internet shopping on the rise, will Black Friday no longer be a holiday? Will Cyber Monday replace Black Friday?


Black Friday in 2018 was anticipated to gain a lot more traction than it actually did. In 2018, people didn’t go shove and shop like usual, but instead shopped online. Black Friday did break a record in online sales. Also, stores left the in-store sales a little neglected and instead focused on the online sales. Elizabeth Mota ‘19 went Black Friday shopping (not online) and she said, “I didn’t think that it was worth it. The sales weren’t that good and I didn’t even buy much.” Essentially, Black Friday became Cyber Monday. Stores, like Amazon, will help this trend to rise until Black Friday ultimately fizzles out.

Carla Gonzalez ‘19 says, “All I do is shop online. I wouldn’t be surprised if in twenty years, physical stores become rare.” I personally have only gone Black Friday shopping once, and it wasn’t a good experience. I didn’t go during the doorbuster hours, but I did try to get an item on sale, but it was mispriced, so I spent way longer than I needed in the store tying the get the item for the price that was on the price tag. It’s safe to say that I won’t go Black Friday shopping at another store again. What about you?