Grey’s Anatomy Show Review

Anya Korbut, Writer

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Last year, around this time, I finished a Netflix TV show that goes by the name of Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds is a crime/drama tv show including famous actors like Mandy Patinkin, who played in The Princess Bride (1987). Once I finished watching the show, I was in search of a new one and came across Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy is a very famous tv show about a group of doctors that start out as students at a hospital and the story line follows the doctors as they navigate their ways through the drama of being a student. I asked Ellie Wharton (‘19) about her thoughts on the show and she said, “I really like the plot line of the show and am excited to watch it every week. The show is in its 13th season currently and is going strong. Personally, I think that the plot is starting to become drawn out and each week, the writers seem to be running out of ideas. I went to Atieno Hope (‘19), a hopefully pre-med student to see what she thought and she said, “Yeah, I don’t think that the show is as interesting as it used to be.” Another friend of mine stated the opposite of Atieno, his name is Bence Szabados (‘20) and he told me, “I think the newest season is actually the best one yet!” All is all, there are mixed opinions about the new season but I am all caught up with the episodes on television right now and can’t wait for tomorrow 8pm CST, when the new episode premieres.