Guys and Dolls: Up Close and Personal Review


Phillip Denne, Writer

On Friday, January 25 and Saturday, January 26, the Whitney Young Guys and Dolls Dance Company put on another fantastic dance ensemble called Up Close and Personal. Every performance was uniquely choreographed by Ms. Jeanette Gordon and the members of the dance company, mostly by Seniors Kristin Reid ‘19, Lauren Radomski ‘19, and Nyla David ‘19. There was also one other piece choreographed by Richard Smith of Elevations Dance Arts.

Senior Rasul Rahman ‘19 was one of the many students who attended the dance show. “I went on Saturday and the house was full. My favorite pieces were Taking It Back by Nyla David and Falling by Kristin Reid. The seniors really showed out for their last show,” Rahman states.  Senior Jide Olukoya ‘19 was another student who attended the show and was more than pleased with what he saw. “This was my first time coming to the GND show and I was amazed with how graceful they were across the stage. My favorite pieces were Touch The Sky by Kyla Hubbard and Stronger Now by Bella Muscarello,” Olukoya proclaimed.

I have been going to all of the dance shows ever since I arrived at Whitney Young, and every time it’s been eight dollars well spent. My favorite pieces were Taking It Back and To a Life That’s Been Loved by Jacqueline Barrier. I think besides the elegant dancing, the music was my favorite part of the show. James Brown and Ed Sheeran are successful artists, and their songs is what made these two pieces my favorites in the show. I am very sad knowing that this was my last time attending a Guys and Dolls show, but I am proud knowing that my experience ended on a beautiful note.