New Spider-man trailer

Carla Gonzalez

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Just weeks ago, the new spider-man trailer was released called, ‘Far from Home’.  Many fans have anticipated the arrival of the trailer especially because of the unfortunate ending of Avengers 4. For those of you that don’t know, spoilers ahead.  In Avengers 4 after Thanos snaps his fingers he erases half of the universe. This included T’Challa(Black Panther), Bucky, Doctor Strange, and….Spider-man. The reason for the exceptional sadness is that Spider-man is only 16.  The famous quote, “Mr.Stark….I don’t feel so good” was muttered as his last words.
“I’m looking forward to seeing the movie in theaters and am interested in seeing what story line they will go with” says Alec Thompson ’19.
The name of the movie was released early on accident by Tom Holland himself which he has been known for doing.  The conflict in the movie seems to be that he is going on a school trip to Paris and leaves the Spider-man suit at home in hopes of taking the trip to relax.  This internal conflict has been seen in previous movies in cases where Peter doesn’t want to be a superhero anymore and would rather be a normal kid.
“I hope it lives up to all its hype” says Jada Sardin ’19.
Spiderr-man has been a fan favorite for years.  Especially since this is the first Spider-man movie after Stan Lee passing away.
“Hope he comes back to life somehow in the future” says Miguel Nogueras ’19.
Oh Miguel, don’t we all.  Movie comes out July 5th, 2019.