POC Spotlight: Alancia King ’19


Sandy Mizhquiri, Editor

There are incredible people in this world, what makes these people outstanding is their passion and drive. Alancia King, ’19 is a passionate dancer whose ability and growth continues to amaze those around her.

She started her dance journey her freshman year of highschool, in Mrs. G’s dance 1 class her passion began to grow. When asked what triggered her passion for dance Alancia states, “It started when I saw one of the dancers at Young dance for the spring dance show. I wanted to be as amazing as she was and I wanted to make others feel the same way she made me feel.” Due to her love and desire to excel she began to do serious research on dance class outside of Whitney Young. She worked hard the summer of Sophomore year towards increased flexibility and strength in her arms and legs. Her hard work paid off in the form of increased agility, strong form, and flexibility. Alancia’s goal had been to enter a rigorous dance school in which she could continue to refine her skills and begin to work en pointe. She was able to accomplish this goal her Junior year when she had auditioned for Hubbard Street Dance and was admitted into intermediate courses. She dedicated all her free time to dance, she would spend around 4-5 hours per day at Hubbard each day after school, this was in addition to her dance classes at Whitney Young.

When asking her friends how they would describe Alancia, Ines Garcia, ’19 said the following, “She’s incredibly skilled and driven. She inspires me to work hard and that everything is possible if I really put my mind to it.” This sentiment comes from the fact that Alancia had started dance with little interest or intent to make it her full time passion. However, when she realized the impact dance had on her she dedicated all of her heart into her art and grew at an extraordinary rate. Marlem Olivar, ’19, “Her mind is so powerful.”

Her mind is indeed powerful. Currently, Alancia continues to dance at Hubbard and performs her senior experience with them.