Jada Sardin

With college application season ending, and scholarship season approaching, students are reflecting on what they did to prepare for college. Many children are told since birth that they are going to college, but most will only begin planning for college their senior year. Personally, I only began thinking about college this year, but I have been applying to scholarships since my sophomore year.

I asked some Whitney Young students how they have prepared and/or will prepare for college and scholarships, since it is a graduation requirement to get accepted into a college and receive a scholarship. I stay organized with all of my scholarship and college information by putting everything in a spreadsheet with all of the deadlines and fees attached.


I asked Saliyah As-Salaam ‘22, “When do you plan to start planning and researching colleges and scholarships and how do you plan on keeping the college and scholarship information organized?”

Her response was, “I plan to start researching during my sophomore year. I would probably print it out and put it in folders or save it on my phone.”


I also asked McKennen Campbell ‘19 the same question and he responded by showing me his own spreadsheet. He said, “I have a color coded spreadsheet of all of my colleges and their information, including deadlines.”

For scholarships, I recommend that students use websites like raise.me and Collegeboard.org.