Whitney Young’s very own Noah Williams!


Noah pictured in Black Dynamite (2009)

Who is Noah Williams? Well, to some he’s a classmate, to others he’s a friend, but to most he’s a funny, fun, fun, funnyman. Whether you personally know him or not, Noah can probably find way to make you laugh. He doesn’t necessarily go out of his way to be seen as comical, he’s genuinely just being himself. For this reason, I’d like to highlight him as a Black Person of Distinction.


Noah adds to the school environment, being that he is zany, wacky, and, above all, friendly. He really brings joy wherever he goes. Through his character, he promotes others to be themselves. It does not matter if your true self is someone who deviates from the norm, you shouldn’t be afraid to show who you are to the world, not for the sake of others but for your own.  “I don’t always get what Noah’s trying to do, but he’s quite a character. I love his Minecraft references..”, said Henry Webb, ‘19.


He exemplifies self-acceptance to the highest degree, acting the way he wants to, no matter the given circumstances. To finish this off, I’ll let Noah Williams, from the class of 2020, speak from the heart, “Uhh, I just say what I’m thinking sometimes. This recognition is cool, but I know I’m not really up there with MLK. Still, I’ll keep being myself. Thanks, chief!”


“Lol xDdddd”- Everyone