“A teenager mocks Nathan Phillips after the Indigenous Peoples March in D.C. on Friday.” YouTube

Kevin Garcia-Flores

Just as of last week, there was massive focus on the story of a Covington student “oppressively” smirking in front of a “Vietnam War Veteran”. The media was quick to slander the boy and his classmates, but quickly retracted defacing this young man’s name after more footage was discovered.


What does a hat mean to those in our society? Can a hat displayed for all to see be a menace to society? Let’s find out what our Whitney Young Dolphins’ think on the matter.


I asked Salvador Madera, ‘19, what he thought on the situation at hand, and this is what he had to say, “I don’t know what to think, I’m still waiting for all the facts. As of now, it seems the media was just trying to poorly portray someone who did nothing more than use their freedom of speech, by one wearing the hat and two, choosing to smirk. It would definitely suck to be the kid right now.”


Daniel Lee, ‘23 had this to say, “I don’t get how this situation became such a big deal, it all seems so silly to me. The kid smiled, nothing more. I can’t say for sure the boys weren’t doing anything wrong  outside of the video, but I see nothing wrong in the video just on its own.”


David Wang, also class of ‘19, had a similar comment, “Jumping on bandwagons is not the smartest thing to do, ever. This is one of those times where seeing things as an individual would’ve left you with a more rational and logical perspective. Don’t jump to conclusions, get the facts, and do some research to better inform yourself on the subject at hand. If you don’t take anything else away from this, take just that.”


This story is one that came from out of nowhere, storming the nation by night. Since the releasement of this story, popular new sites’  have received backlash from the public, who thought it was unjust for them to tarnish a boy’s image. Once again, we must be wary of the media’s narrative and gimmicky stories.