Rapper Taylor Bennett speaks to sophomore class

Kasey Carlson, News Editor

Taylor Bennett, a local rapper and younger brother of rap star Chance the Rapper, visited WY on Sept. 10 to speak to the sophomore class about his movement Save Chicago.

Save Chicago is a movement that Bennett started with his managers to promote nonviolence in the city of Chicago and to encourage young people to stay in school and succeed.

“There’s always been someone trying to save Chicago,” says Bennett, “but now we have the chance to make it public.”

Bennett said that not only does he want to promote nonviolence, but he hopes that Save Chicago can be a group where young people can foster positivity and creativity.

Milestones in the movement include a request for 24 hours without shootings in the city after the weekend of July 4. Bennett and his brother used several radio stations in the city to get the word out about the goal. The result was a 48 hour period without shootings in the city.

“That was something that the city and the mayor couldn’t do, but something that the youth had the power to do,” Bennett says.

As for Bennett, his career is growing as fast as his movement. He is going on a 38 day tour with rapper Hoodie Allen, including a sold out show at ISU with Iggy Azalea Oct. 18 and a show at the Riviera Theater in Chicago on Nov. 26.

Bennett says to be on the lookout for new material from him this fall.