Former ackies give advice for new 7th graders

Andrea Gomes and Maya Reese

1) Clean up after yourselves– One day, you guys will be the most “experienced” students at WY. Make a good example of keeping the school clean.

2) Don’t carry around rolling backpacks– It’s disturbing to the learning environment.

3) Make sure your backpack isn’t bigger than you. Not only does a huge “ackie sack” hurt your back, but it also is a fashion no-no. Use your locker!

4) Become friends with the high schoolers– We don’t bite! We’re here to guide and help if needed!

5) Relax–You’re in middle school. Yes, focus on your work and do as best as you can. But enjoy life before real stress comes along.

6) Join clubs and AC sports– As ackies, you have an advantage. Join as many groups as you possibly can. It’ll help you meet new people and create great connections.

7) Do volunteer work early!– Another advantage; you can start the required 20 hours from sophomore to junior year early. It looks great on college applications!

8) When you think you are going to be late to class, don’t run! If anything, do a light jog, but never break a sweat. There may even be enough time to stop and socialize with friends.

9) Don’t wear your I.D. at all times!– You can do it every now and then, but it shouldn’t be a popular accessory of yours.

10) Don’t brag about being an ackie– You’re smart. So are we. We get it.