The Real School of Champions

A. Ucheena Woodfolk

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There were seven seconds left in the last quarter of the Varsity basketball game, a showdown between rivals Lane Tech and Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. The students in green and yellow and the students donning orange and blue can only agree on one thing: this is a showdown between the school of champions. There could only be one victor.

The score already held much promise for the victory of Whitney M. Young Magnet High School with explosive drives towards the basket and clean passes of the basketball, whipping through the air from one dolphin’s hands to the other. With twenty seconds left, the buzz in the air was palpable and the sea of orange on the left side of the gym was waving with an air of confidence and excitement at the impending victory. As the seconds ticked down after a free throw was shot and made by one of the Whitney Young Dolphins, Lane Tech gained possession of the ball. They raced down the court and attempted to score by doing a layup. After missing, our dolphins were quick to rebound and pass, setting into motion the exciting last few seconds of the game.

The ball was passed from one white jersey clad player to a ready dolphin a little beyond the half court line, who drove towards the basket and allowed the ball to seamlessly roll of his fingers into the basket for one last point to triumph over Lane Tech. The orange and blue sea released a deafening roar of victory. The victory was not only apparent in the scoreboard that displayed the score of 78 to 69, proclaiming Whitney Young to be the school of Champions, but also in the funds that Whitney Young raised through this game. Students share in the “importance of giving back”, Cesar Segura, 20’. Whitney Young “used all of the profits for the students at Whitney Young Magnet High School” reported Dr. Kenner on the intercom, the day of the game. The funds raised were a great accomplishment that only added to the feel good victory after the final buzz of the basketball game.

Student claimed that they felt “it was important to give and support the community. And it felt nice to do so while enjoying a riveting basketball” says Ameena Naomi Cole-Black, 19’.

The game that night was certainly a victory in terms of player chemistry and offensive prowess. That night confirmed Whitney Young as the School of Champions in sports but also, in the spirit of giving, a tradition in which many generations have participated and will continue to do. For we know that “the reason why the victory [is] great is because different player made the contributions to win.” – A. Ucheena Woodfolk