Whitney Young Girls Basketball Take a Trip to New York


 Whitney Young Girls Basketball took a trip to Brooklyn, New York this past weekend for a tournament. They left early Thursday morning arriving to New York later in the afternoon to get a headstart on touring in New York, New York. The girls visited famous attractions such as the St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Times Square. Friday night, after a day of visiting the shopping strips, the team played their first game of the trip against Nazareth High School winning 87-66. Kayla Green ‘20 who scored 19 points for the dolphins said “It was a great win for the team, we played as a unit and got results I think everyone was pleased with.”


Saturday morning the Dolphins walked around the Canal Street area, shopping at all the stores gathering exclusive New York Merchandise. After this the team has a nice lunch at Dino BBQ. Yazmine Mosi ‘21 said “It was very hard to be at BBQ place and not be able to eat any BBQ because of the game. The BBQ smell did not help either.” The team then rested at the hotel until it was time for the game. Unfortunately, the Dolphins lost to Long Island Lutheran 53-49. It was a hard fought game, however, in the final minutes the girls were not able to pull through. They returned Sunday to prepare for the CPS City Tournament. Whitney Young Students, the girls NEED your support. Cameron Williams ‘20 said “It would really be great if we could see some students at the upcoming games. Our team is pretty great this year and I think you guys would enjoy yourselves at the games.” So if you are free please come support them as they compete for another city title.